everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

Rachel, an intro

the beginning is now

Who’s got time to read or write another blog? Right. Me too.

But here is the thing, every time I have had some major storyline in my life, I’ve written about it. Whether it was musing about life, loss, church nerdery, dead people or bisexuality, I consistently have turned to writing to help me express what is going on. I don’t write to make a position or to assert my choices as truth. I write to not feel so alone in my thoughts and just get “it” out. It only makes sense that I would do the same with all that is going on now.

As 2012 was wrapping up Ratchet and I started talking in earnest (again) about getting fit. We’ve had this conversation before, we each know our place; she cares about diet and portion sizes and I am the one pushing for exercise of some sort. Then we stand in our places, not actually knowing enough to be dangerous, and talk … a lot. We buy food, we get equipment, we google search, and then watch another episode of whatever it is we are watching, look at one another and affirm our love for each other no matter what. We are so busy. We are tired. We can and will be and do better. And another year rolls by.


something shifted in us this year. I can’t recall the moment in detail, but I do remember the outcome. We were in the kitchen, Ratchet was washing dishes and I asked if she would consider meeting Hamish, my bosses trainer, to see if personal training might be right for us. We could look at other trainers if he wasn’t a fit, but maybe could we just try? She said yes. YES! So this is that story—our very own story of saying YES.

Just as this story has a beginning, it will also have an end. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit. I am not sure I’m buying that. This is not just introducing a habit, it is building and rebuilding a life—heck—two lives. Our backgrounds and stories are quite different. We are different. But we are in love, we are willing, interested and ready. I hope that we can both find time to write here, but you may just hear from me for a while. We are finding it hard enough to cook, eat, sleep and work. But I think we’ve both got some joy and pain to share, and so it begins.

Hello beginning. Hello friends.


2 thoughts on “everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

  1. I am also learning that food is fuel, not pleasure. But it is a hard, HARD mind shift. August through December 2012, I lost 10 pounds. And kept them off. And lost 2 more in January. Can I tell you how it sucks to be like this? And yet, I know we can do it. ROCK ON!

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