All in good time

At Christmas, we bought ourselves a new cheese knife. I didn’t take it out of its package until January, and funny, it’s in our drawer and has never been used. Four years ago when Rachel quit smoking (for me!), I asked her if she wanted me to give up something really difficult. Offhandedly, she suggested cheese. I nearly passed out, and she quickly let me off the hook. But here I am, cheese-free, for a whole month. (Good job, self!)


Rachel and I have been overweight, unhealthy eaters, and non-exercisers for a long time. This did not happen overnight. We’ve been up and down on the scale, with diet improvements and short exercise kicks. We’ve talked about and planned for real moves toward a healthier lifestyle and healthier bodies. But I’m a slowpoke. I don’t move fast and I’m not in a hurry. I like to talk about ideas more than I like to enact them (unless the idea has to do with socializing, laughing, or eating. Then I’m in motion). I do best at good-form, controlled weight lifting and not so much at racing or aerobics. I don’t see much point in being first just to be first, and I’d rather enjoy myself along the journey. I’m conservative of my energy in this way, but I’m also full of optimism and expectation for a positive outcome from most things. I’m a good one to have along over the long haul. I’m the last one up the hill, but you’re glad to have me in your party.

So, somehow the time is right for what we’ve chosen to do now. Somehow in our long conversation about how to tackle our health needs and when and how to get started, the right thing showed up at the right time. Our actual ability to do this work, plus the support we both find from our workplaces, friends, and families, plus our bank accounts, plus everything else that might help has suddenly lined up and formed an arrow pointing to this personal training adventure. And we’re off – already almost 20 pounds lighter each. We’re also experiencing all of your encouragements in the right ways just when we need them most. Thank you each for all of that and keep it coming.

My slowness plus my natural optimism often keeps me from making quick progress on anything. But I also think these beliefs and characteristics are helping me through this tough work. I continue to show up for training appointments and do my (often ugly) best, knowing it will be better next time and that even ugly, ungainly movement is working its slow magic.

Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be writing my dissertation. I’ve completed all my doctoral courses for an EdD degree and am now free-floating in the cloud of self-guided dissertation work. It’s easy for me to use personal-training-as-a-part-time-job as an excuse for putting my dissertation work on the back burner. I’m thrilled with what we’ve undertaken and the results we’re seeing. I even believe that this new fitness will be good for my brain and my dissertation potential. And I know that a great new idea or a new burst of energy on my academic work is coming—all in good time.


7 thoughts on “All in good time

  1. I’d have you at any party, any time.

    It’s so fun to cheer you on, even though it’s only through cyberspace. Go, Karen and Rachel!

  2. I never comment on this stuff, but I’m totally e-stalking your journey. Really happy for you guys, really inspired by you guys, really pleased to know the both of you for these and many other reasons. I think about you often when I’m in my own version of training hell, I use your optimism and persistence to fuel my own. I thought maybe it was about time I fessed up!

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