Rachel, after a full Monday.

Monday is cooking day. It’s also weigh in day, train with Nick day, sweetie work from home day, and cuddle up on the couch and stay in my robe till i have to get my butt kicked day. It’s my day off, the day I call the shots, kick some home projects ass and take names inventory of what’s in the fridge.

Today I remade the bed, cooked chicken, roasted veggies, wrote a bit, worked just a smidge, went up and down 3 flights of stairs at least 8 times, made lunch AND dinner, and loved on my kitten. I took my vitamins and drank my water. I worked hard with Nick, lifted more than I thought I could, planked for a minute and 20 seconds.

I used to be like most people I know; I had a love/hate relationship with Mondays. Now, I can hardly wait till next week. What a difference. What a day. What a life.


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