a view from 90 days in

Rachel and Ratchet exactly 90 days in90 day waiting period rule hras

Its been busy, perhaps you can tell from our lack of posting. Since last we’ve written we’ve gone on vacation, we’ve lost our best furry friend of 18+ years, and we’ve worked, worked out, and continued the tupperware party that is our daily eating plan. 90 days in, we’ve found a few items to be true, and worth noting.

  1. After living a fairly sedentary life, we can honestly say that this life—the one with movement, new crazy exercises, and surprised muscles screaming hello—is FUN. We liken this to being newly vegetarian; when you go out to eat you see the menu in a whole new way. You look deeper, ask questions and can see stuff that maybe you’ve never seen before. We are looking at the menu what life has to offer in a whole new way. Suddenly there is a smorgasbord of things we can do now.
  2. Your taste-buds can and do change! If you would have asked us 6 months ago if we could give up bread and cheese, we would have said not no but HELL NO. Not only have we given that up for this season, we’ve let go of sugar, fruit and our beloved post meal sweet treat. And if this sounds like doom and gloom, no-this-no-that diet hell, then you haven’t seen us lately. Not only are we happy but we’re sure we will stick with the basic principals of this thing for the rest of our lives. Yes, we are still enjoying our meal plan and thrilled about what we have learned about food and its relationship to our bodies.
  3. While we had an amazing time on vacation and were profoundly sad at the loss of our mitten, we did not turn to our old comfort food ways in our life happenings, both highs and lows. Did we have amazing off the plan cheat meals, but we made good informed choices, learned about what our new portion size looks like (hint: not a burrito the size of your head) and grief & exercise are exactly a perfect pairing; like peanut butter & jelly, Hall & Oates or Walmart & a disproportionate amount of our country’s fashion fails.
  4. We can actually FEEL our muscles and
  5. sweat looks pretty in the right light. Generally both are viewed best on a wall of mirrors, with a soundtrack of grunting.
  6. Two huge piles of clothing donation later, the clothing purge is addicting, encouraging and ridiculously ridiculous.
  7. We have news eyes for beauty. When people tell us that we look good, we find ourselves looking back at people looking for their beauty. And it goes beyond just people’s compliments, in general this has helped us notice beauty. The simple truth is: more people are telling us we look great more often. It’s a glorious self-propelling cycle. (Hey reader, you look gooooooooood!)
  8. We had no idea how many friends we have that are not only encouraged by what we are doing, but how many people we know that were already doing this. We feel so fantastically supported that it makes it nearly impossible to fail. We want to pay that forward and are happy to talk all about what we know (and don’t know) to keep going.
  9. In our marriage: it feels like we have more together time, which is amazing and fantastic. We are together people; if given the chance, we’d spend every waking moment together. We have jobs that have us on very different schedules, but this has offered us space to be together in times we would have never carved out for ourselves before. It is a huge gift and hella sexy encouraging awesome.
  10. We know that we want to keep going (and going and going…)—something neither one of us could have ever imagined before meeting our Forte fitness friends and family. 

Stats: Since January 14th

Rachel has lost 36 pounds, percentage weight loss of 15%.

Ratchet has lost 35 pounds, percentage weight loss of 14.4%.

… in 90. Freaking. Days. Holy. Crap. Yeah, I think we’ll keep going.


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