I’m going streaking #rwrunstreak


Rachel, day 6 of running. In. A. Row.

Running, it was one of the ways I knew my sweetie was for me when we first met.  We shared a deeply held value that one should only run if needed, like because you were being chased by a grizzly bear. Running was a necessary evil, not something to be attempted at home or without dire reason. 7 years later, here we are, changing our tune, again.

A few days ago a post from a friend asked “Hey, anyone want to join me in the Runners World challenge to run (or walk) everyday between Thanksgiving and Christmas?” “I’m in” I replied. Well shit if there wasn’t a group formed and posts flying a few hours later. I hadn’t even told Sweetie, I just sorta thought to myself that I’d try it. No pressure, no big deal, just run a little every day. I’ll post in the group, so I can be held accountable and all.

So, apparently my settings are such that when I post in the group my whole facebook world can see. And all of the sudden it was real. And public. And Sweetie knew. So here I am internets, telling you, I am not a runner BUT I am committing to run every day between now and Christmas (and probably even New Years Day like the challenge says). I will become a better runner, heck with this little app ease into 5k, I might even run some fun run 5k thingie (with cute giveaways of course).

On January 14th Sweetie and I will have our 1 year anniversary of a very non-committal lets-just-try-it-and-see commitment to wellness. We met with a personal trainer and said sure, I’m in. Saying yes to this challenge feels a lot like how we got started in the first place. And I can’t say where its leading, but I can say that I think I like it.


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