one year on. that was then …

This. Is. Now.

One year ago today we was sore as hell. We had just finished our first workout with a personal trainer, were a week into food journaling, and were quite sure we’d lost our minds by getting into this. One year ago today we’d be starting a low carb, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar nutrition plan that I wasn’t sure I’d last a day on. Ratchet was confident, she always is. I love her for that.

One year ago today feels all at once like forever, and yesterday. So what has changed over this past year, what have we learned?

  1. Rachel says:  Though I work at the best pizzeria in all the land, I have greatly reduced the amount of pizza consumed in my life. I haven’t given it up altogether, and when I do choose it, I mostly choose the gluten free crust (yep, actually we’ve both discovered we are gluten sensitive) and eat 2 slices (not all 6). Yes, the name of this game is portion control, and I am getting pretty damn good at it.
  2. Ratchet says:  I really like almonds.
  3. Rachel says: Oh my gosh, me too. I had no idea how sweet they were until all sugar was eliminated in the beginning. Now, they quite regularly stand in as a “dessert” option.
  4. Ratchet says: I know more about food & nutrition than I ever thought possible. And even still, I want to know more. I find myself googling recipes for ground turkey and veggies, and I use those Mark Bittman books (How to Cook Everything) that my sweetie bought me.
  5. Both:  We drink more water. Rachel says: For me, I still don’t drink nearly enough, but more is good and I am ok with good.
  6. Ratchet: I’ve always loved reading, but now I read more and more fitness articles, about running and shoes and the latest and greatest on strength training. Then I try the things I read about and sometimes I even like it.
  7. Rachel:  I am down from a size 22 to a size 14. Yes, numbers are just numbers, but well, what these numbers mean is that I no longer am relegated to the “big girl” stores and the highly picked over, never satisfying “plus size” section of the thrift store.
  8. Both:  We find ourselves talking to people about being fit. It’s like this shared conversation that we got invited into. We like it, we like that people want to talk about it with us.
  9. Ratchet: if I had to sum it all up in one nice soundbite, I’d say we’ve learned how to make good choices: in dining out and staying in, in portions and proteins, in dessert (yes, we eat dessert) and having fun with our friends (yes, we still have fun).

Yesterday was our 1 year fit-aversary (thanks for that amazing word invention Colleen Welch!). Ratchet is down 60 pounds, and I (Rachel) weighed myself Monday. The scale read 170.5 – a total weight loss of 67.5 pounds, damn near to 70. If you’ve been tracking our progress, you know that we have slowed down on the weight loss, but have done a killer job of keeping up the gym habit. We love our Monday and Thursday classes at the Y, and have started a regular “run” day. In a week we’ll be back to working with our favorite personal trainer Zach. In just one year we have changed our lives, our habits and have allowed ourselves to dream new dreams.

What are we dreaming about? Well as we have downsized our bodies, so too do we feel the need to downsize our lives. 2014 will be our year of living more simply. We will downsize our home and things, continue to downsize our bellies, and eat whole foods, making recipes (read continue to cook more at home) with fewer ingredients.

One year people. One year.
Not only is this shit is possible, it is doable and oh so amazing. We are two women, with one goal: to live lighter, happier and healthier. They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and we STILL ain’t about to start singing.


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