coming clean

Rachel, post-Labor Day (and State Fair, and birthday, and moving and new job after the other new job didn’t work out and …)

WeightScale435x150Last time I weighed in and told you all about it I weighed 168. Still clinically overweight, but 70 damn pounds down from my first weigh in from January 2013. My trainer tells me I did get down to 166 – apparently I was so ecstatic I forgot that good news. Anyway, Saturday I weighed in and holy shit, I am up. I am up to 180.

Oh, I know how I got here. Sure, I’ve kept up working out (at least 2 times a week – always hoping for 4), but working out is not my biggest challenge. Food. Diet. Nutrition. Good old calories in, calories out – this has been my downfall. Long and short – I have NOT kept up with my nutrition. I learned a lot in the first year of this whole fitness thing and you know what they say: knowledge IS power. But it doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t actually practice what you know.

Want my excuses? There are quite a few. I left Lola, there were plenty of beers involved with that goodbye. I moved to Meritage, where I was miserable, lonely and utterly lost. I survived by eating loads of pommes frites, hollandaise and some of the best damn French food in town. I had a birthday and you know what that means: birthday pie! Also, I moved. Packing and unpacking took the place of cooking and planning and tupperware. Also, the greatest state fair in the country just happens to be in Minnesota every August; its my most favorite event of the year, what with all of its roasted corn, cheese curds, tom thumb mini donuts and Kiwanis malts.

Don’t want excuses? I hear you.

So, I’m saying something now—out loud—so you all know I am back on “the meal plan” again. I am upping my workouts to 6 per week. 3-one hour sessions, 3-ten to fifteen minute bursts. I’ll get one day off. All of this and I am drinking bunches of water, as much as I can handle. 

Want to join me? (Actually us – yes Ratchet is totally on board with me.) Send me an email, or comment. If you want, find and connect with me on as I am logging my food and whatnot there. I’d love to tell you what I am up to, encourage you in whatever you are doing, and/or help if I can. Don’t want to – no worries / no pressure. I’ll try and be better about posting and keeping you in the loop. 


4 thoughts on “coming clean

  1. Rachel, I am so impressed by your enthusiasm in becoming healthier! I’m also on the lose weight, gain strength and flexibility route. I will follow your blog. I love your witty, inspirational wisdom!

  2. You are inspiring me again. Yesterday I sent a 2 week schedule of EXACTLY when I will exercise to my accountability group. Glad to say I have done the first one, anyhow…! I’m having such a hard time with this. I’m not on MFP but use Fitbit. Will check in with you and be sending encouraging and empathetic thoughts right along. Love.

  3. You can do this!!! You have a great plan of action. A lot of change in life will throw you curve balls but I like that you have a workout plan and caloric accountability plan. You are so inspirational and remind me that even with setbacks, one can grab their tennis shoe laces, pull them tight and get moving. Thank you for sharing your journey and also getting me thinking about my own health plan.

  4. Yes, me! After losing 20 lbs this Spring I forgot about the secret to good and healthy weight loss and haven’t budged further, despite the great calorie burning of nursing. I’m on board!

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