What does one do for the second anniversary?

Rachel says:  Cotton. And if you are feeling a bit more modern, China.

These are the gifts of one gives to celebrate 2 years of marriage. Two years ago, we–Karen & Rachel–took our very first steps towards making a whole new life. We said “I do!” to working out, proper nutrition & sleep. So as we began to approach this milestone, we started to look back at all we have done, and what we still hoped to do. Between the two of us we’ve lost 120 pounds, we’ve built working out into our weekly rhythms, and we’ve learned to LOVE chicken and turkey. But come on, let’s get real, shall we? We are still quite a way off from our goals.

True, our first goal was to make this a way of life. And we’ve done that, mostly. I mean, we eat well; chicken, fish and turkey is almost always the protein of choice when dining out. And well yes, it does come on a delicious bun, and yes we did choose sweet potato fries instead of real ones. We work out at least twice a week. Well mostly. Always at least once. Sometimes as much as 4, but you don’t want to know how we reward ourselves for such accomplishments. Ugh. Two words: slippery slope.

So, on this–our cotton/china anniversary–we are swearing off sugar and doing a hard restart on our goals. We are committing to dropping down one more size in our cotton threads and we are breaking the glass (or china) ceiling of our current number on the scale plateau. And we start tomorrow.

This is our cupboard that we are closing off for at least a month, before and after.










And this is breakfast tomorrow morning. IMG_2813

I’ve got to go to bed, its way past my bedtime (and good quality sleep is a key piece of fitness and weightloss). But stay tuned in the days and weeks to come.

We’re baaaaack.


3 thoughts on “What does one do for the second anniversary?

  1. I know I’m an admin on this site, but can you post some pics in the right nav of our success pics from July 2013/end of our first 6 months so we can keep seeing our progress? Thanks!

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