how did we get here?

Rachel, 4 days in.

So a few days ago we threw it out there and told you we were back. So, what happened exactly?

I think it was mid-holidays, we’d had a sugar-y treat nearly every hour around the Christmas clock. I know that we are not alone in this, it’s an international condition around this time of year. Anyway, my pants started feeling slim fit (even though they weren’t) and Ratchet kept asking if we should be making better decisions: less sweets, smaller portions, and how about a burger without a bun?

2 years ago we started down this road, but 6 – 8 months ago we went off-roading, and not in that super fun whooo-hoo sort of way. I made some job changes. I left one I loved, dearly. Grief consumed me, and I consumed pie. A lot of pie, and also, frites.

You know what sucks about weight gain? It just sneaks up on you. Honest to God, we both thought we were doing alright. I mean, not great, we could do better, but doing reasonably well. And maybe we were, by “normal peoples” standards. But lets get real, we’re not “normal” sized gals. (I’ll save expounding on that for a future post)

We were cooking fine for ourselves at home, our white rice is now brown, our milk is almond, we never ever make pasta anymore. We rarely have bread in the house, we still choose turkey and chicken over other delicious protein options. But slowly–a little at a time–infrequent treats were back. Dinners and brunch out, once maybe three times a week. Lindt sea salt chocolate squares after every (ok most) meal, ice cream was a staple over the summer months. Cinnamon puffins breakfast cereal–cripes–even typing it makes me crave a bowl of it. My father used to say “everything, in moderation.” But when you are an addict, addicted to something socially acceptable or not, its hard (impossible?) to discern where moderation ends.

comeAnyway, this is just a little bit of how we got here. It’s only my side of the story. Ratchet may have other things to say, most likely much different than mine. A whole lot of little things led us to this past Monday – start over day. But the good news is, now we are here. Present in this moment, in these choices, committed to new plans. We’ll share what they are in the next few posts.

I love this Rumi quote. It sums exactly where I am. You too maybe?

Join us.

ps – This post is far from perfect. But I’ve re-written this bitch 4 times now and I just want to put it out there. Its day 4 of no sugar and it’s just not pretty right now. There you have it.


5 thoughts on “how did we get here?

  1. Dear Dear Rachel,

    These last few days of bitter cold I’ve wanted to hunker down, stay in, and feed my old self. I’ve fought my way to the gym with EVERY excuse and have felt like a million bucks when I’m done. If only that million dollar feeling lasted more than 24 hours, think of the energy we could save in ramping up and getting motivated! But maybe that’s part of the plan. For us to be humbled, to share our weaknesses so that we can build our strength, together. Maybe it’s a reminder that our struggles, shared, are less of a burden. Sharing those pains and stalls and struggles can be a blessing and motivation for others. Blessings and strength, prayers for perseverance to you and your beloved!

  2. I SO resonate with this. Having done so well about 18 months ago, last winter sent me into an emotional tailspin that had me eating whatever I wanted, and “presto,” all but about 10 lbs of the weight is back. I empathize with you, and totally “get” how this feels. All the best to you, friend! We’re all in this together.

  3. 1 week of low sugar, low carb in our household too. Jim’s already down 6 lbs. Me? Nada. For real?
    Here’s to keepin’ at it, starting over, falling down, getting back up… to REAL LIFE. With no room for shame.

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