It was when we started this whole get fit / feel better lifestyle is when were were introduced to e1979-a2byear
our personal trainer
, Zach Umbreit. And it was Zach who introduced us to Advocare.

Zach has been our coach and biggest cheerleader since day one (January 14, 2013). When we began working with him we both weighed over 235 pounds. With some planning and  perseverance, we are down 120 pounds between us and we are keeping it off. How?

We work out, rest, eat sensibly and have incorporated Advocare into our whole health picture. We currently use Slam, Spark and Meal Replacement shakes to support the real food/whole food nutrition plan we use.

Its not a magic bullet (hint: nothing is) but it is a company and product we are proud to be a small part of. Interested? Ask us (comment here or feel free to email rmswanny (at) gmail (dot) com).

Feel free to look at our page, shop and try AdvoCare. (<—– click on those words and it will take you to our page).


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